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"God's Dynamic Duo "


 Pastors Arthur & Clarise Johnson 
910 West Quincy St
Lakeland, FL
(863) 686-7455

Arthur L. Johnson and Clarise Johnson are the Senior Pastors of St. Luke's Ministries in Lakeland, Fl. It has been 24 years since they have taken Lakeland to a new level. St. Luke's's Ministries is a non-dominational ministry, that embraces all and targets those who seem to be alone in society. St. Luke's membership has experienced and  continues to experience unprecedented growth under the Johnson's leadership. St. Luke's has impelemented more than 20 Outreach Ministries which focuses on making the people feel like they serve an important purpose, as well as improving their lives. These ministries range from Marriage Enhancement to Radio Broadcast Ministry.
Arthur and Clarise Johnson have four children Aretha, Alicia, Angela, & Arthur, Jr.. They also have four grandchildren, Reeshay, Imani, Ree'Montae, and Ashanti. They are all committed to the Lord's service. They believe in worshipping together as a family and each child is a vital part of the ministry. Arthur & Clarise are not only pastors, but they are deeply involved in the community. They participates in many community events, which include community marches, youth prevention and renovation programs, community home-owner programs, food and shelter programs for the community, and many other charitable community services. They also help the people in the community realize the importance of being a great asset to the community. They constantly demonstrates a genuine Love and concern for each of the members regardless of their status in the community. The effects of his sincere love and kindness have tremendously impacted the personal lives and spiritual growth of the members of St. Luke's Ministry.
Arthur & Clarise Johnson is committed to carrying out the task that God has given them. They refuse to stop preaching and teaching deliverance and victory that come through the Word of God. They refuse to sit idle while the community wastes away. They refuse to accept anything short of a blessed people resulting from a blessed God. Right before your eyes, Arthur & Clarise Johnson are determined to unveil the remedy for a broken, upset life, ... the Word of God and what it reveals to the churches.