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Roman 8:28                   Acts 11:23      
Purpose - An action in course of execution; an aim - determination.
Purpose - Primarily are called by Him, to Him, for Him (God).
Goals and objectives are tremendously important because they determine our direction in life. A person does not plan to fail, but when you aim at nothing you will hit the target everytime.  Defining our goals and objectives maintains our purpose toward the success of God's Will for our life.
God promotes us into the fullness of His Will in various stages.  Satan, knowing his purpose, opposes each phase of our progress.  If we do not understand this, our life can be a world of confusion, upon which God is not an author of (I Corin 14:33).  Satan seeks to wear us down, so that we may become discouraged and give up.  Also, to compromise God's Will (purpose) for our life.
Our willful choice to obey God is the lifeline between heart's desire and finished product.
Have you ever asked yourself,  "Do I have one single goal in life that consumes me, something that stimulates and motivates me daily in everything I do?" or  
"Why are our lives so incredibly busy today, but lacking in a clearly defined biblical purpose?"
Do we really know what our purpose is or we caught up in the daily routine the world has placed on us.  The world purpose is to attain MORE, MORE AND MUCH MORE (greed) at any cost.  Prosperity is the worldly goal, which is great, as long it is purposed thru the Will of God, (seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you, (Matt 6:33).
We must purpose in our heart that Jesus died for our sin and we are saved only by Grace.  His death was that the works of the devil may be destroyed (1 John 3:9). Our chief purpose is to glorify God, by the life we live and allow Him to use us for His purpose. 
Let us PRESS toward the mark that has been set before us and not look back at the past.  Think only only the goodness of Him who call YOU!
Belive His Word by Living it.  Take His Word and Grow from it. Have FAITH in it!
                             # 1 Goal - TO BE LIKE CHRIST