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St. Luke's Ministries

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"In recognition of the many contributions made by black Americans, Today we honor Katherine Dunham for her contributions to arts and entertainment.  Katherine Durham was born in Joliet, IL in 1910.  She was a dancer , choreographer and anthropologist.  When Katherine was a college student she won a scholarship to study anthropology in Haiti.  While there she studied Haitian dances.  She was the first person to realize just how important these dances were.  She believed they could teach people many things about history and culture.  She knew they should be shared with the world.  When Katherine returned to the US, she brought the dances with her and formed a company of black dancers that became famous thoughout the world.   Katherine traveled to many nations and studied the dances of many cultures.   She use the beautiful language of dance to teach people about themselves and others.  Katherine is known as a pioneer of black dance.  Many of the dances she created are still being performed today."
Since then many African Americans have made significant contributions to the field of Arts & Entertainment.
This is another  little known fact from St. Lukes Ministries....
By: Yolanda Burton